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The Most Complete Training Portal

QuantumTrade-AI is consistently rated among the most professional trading education resources online today.

All our trading courses are designed to be applicable to traders of all levels. No matter what your starting point, our unique collection of Guides and Multimedia presentations can help you become a consistently profitable trader and fast-track your route to trading success!

What Is the DAX Stock Index? The DAX—otherwise referred to as the Deutscher Aktien Index—is a stock index covering 30 of the biggest and most

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Understanding the (MFI) Money Flow Index The Money Flow Index (MFI) refers to a technical oscillator that identifies both oversold and overbought asset signals based

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Forex & CFDs

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Quantumtrade-AI News

Liquidity Definition
What is Liquidity? The financial term liquidity refers to the way an asset, security or bond can be converted into available capital without impacting its

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What are Retained Earnings?
Retained earnings (RE) is the measure of overall gain left over for the business after it has delivered out profits to its investors. A business

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Safe haven definition
What is a safe haven? A safe haven is an investment or trade that is forecast to either maintain or grow in value even amidst

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Learn To Be A Profitable Trader

Change Your Life Today!

When it comes to online trading the quickest path to success is the tried and tested path, we follow here at QuantumTrade-AI. 

Learn all the skills and techniques you need to be a consistently profitable trader regardless of your starting level

and experience of the global financial Forex, Commodity, 

Index and Stock markets.


Develop your own unique trading style

When it comes to trading, there really is no “one size fits all” approach.
No two traders have the same requirements or backgrounds, so all our training courses are customized to fit your exact needs.
At QuantumTrade-AI, we tae pride in the detail that goes into all our training courses.
The QuantumTrade-AI approach will teach you how to be consistently profitable across all the assets you trade and, in any market, – Bull or Bear!


Trading CFDs on leverage involves significant risk of loss to your capital. CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage.

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Risk Warning:


Please note, that we are providing the users of the Website with education services only which consist of various trading ‘training’ courses, including, but not limited to tutorials, blogs, education packages, and several levels of market coaching, offered solely for educational and training purposes on our Website, which you may purchase from the Company through the Website. 

Trading in financial instruments involves high levels of risk. While we do not offer any trading services in relation with any financial instruments, it is important for us to highlight that you should not trade in any financial instruments, or deal with any financial services provider, unless you understand and can undertake all the risks involved. You are solely responsible to conduct your individual research before making any investment decision, and where appropriate obtain personal advice in this regard. We do not provide such advice, and you should consult independent advisors.

You must also note, that trading in financial instruments with any provider that you will chose involves a high level of risk. Trading in leveraged instruments (e.g. CFDs or forex contracts) involves an even higher risk of financial loss – leverage may work in your benefit, as well as against you. Trading in leveraged financial instruments may result in large financial loss (even of the entire amount of your investment). Before trading in any financial instruments, and even more so in leveraged financial instruments, you should make sure you fully understand, and can tolerate, the risks involved in trading. Trading in financial instruments is not suitable for all investors, and you are responsible to assess whether trading is suitable for you. We will not assess your personal situation (including financial situation) as we provide educational services only, and we cannot opine in the suitability of trading in general, or of trading in any particular financial instruments, might be suitable for you. We do not provide any trading, financial, tax or legal advice, and you should consult your own independent advisors before engaging in trading. Any information provided to you as part of our education services constitutes general information only, is not made personally for you, does not take into account your personal circumstances, and although it may contain certain predictions, does not include any guarantee that any such prediction should be correct or accurate. You are solely responsible to assess the quality of any information, as well as its appropriateness for your personal circumstances. We are not, and shall not be, responsible for any loss or damages you may suffer as a result of trading in financial instrument with any third party, or your reliance on any information, prediction, analysis or report provided to you. Do not trade with money which you cannot afford to lose. Or with borrowed money.